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MAKUKU Face towel (60Sheet)

MAKUKU Face towel (60Sheet)

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MaKuku uses J&T express throughout the whole process, which is safe and efficient, please pay attention to check it! Please keep your mobile phone open for everyone to get it as soon as possible.

Thicken Thicken Thicken Towel-like face wash

Memory rebound and pull-resistant
Can't rub many times
New L-shaped texture thick work weaving
Strong pull does not deform
Rubbing and wiping many times will not leave any flocs

Face wash / Apply / Makeup remover / Clean
Wet and dry use more than just washing your face
Wet and dry for the whole family

Large size and high water absorption
Instantly removes moisture from the face
20×20cm large size, one can cover the whole face
With fiber interweaving process
Full of water absorption, instantly take away the moisture of the whole face

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